I'm the therapist you go to when you're done being stuck; when you want someone authentic and genuine to assist you in developing the tools you need to be effective in achieving your goals. I believe in creating a strong therapeutic relationship that works for you and with you. I operate from a trauma-informed lens, taking into account multiculturalism and spirituality. Let's talk about you and the drivers of ineffective behaviors - shame, guilt, fear, to name a few - that are holding you back. 

I believe in the importance of self-care and when I’m not at work you can find me in the kitchen trying new recipes, coaching roller derby, lounging with my cat, or planning the next stamp in my passport


Specializing in DBT, Trauma, Teen, and Adult Therapy

I am a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in the state of Washington. I obtained my Master of Social Work from the University of Houston, Graduate College of Social Work with specializations in child trauma and gerontological social work. I have worked across the lifespan and have experience in community mental health clinics, private practice, school based counseling, and a trauma-focused specialty clinic. I am experienced with teen and adult survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault, childhood sexual abuse, and bullying. I have also supported teens and adults struggling to adjust, or "fit in", when circumstances change.

I completed my training in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) and DBT-PE through Behavioral Tech. I have also completed training in DBT for Adolescents (DBT-A) and DBT for Substance Use Disorder (DBT-SUD). I am a Level 4 trained clinician, meaning I have completed intensive, comprehensive, and advanced trainings in DBT.  While at the GCSW, I completed coursework in shame and guilt, with Dr. Brené Brown, a world-renowned shame, vulnerability, courage and empathy researcher, and am familiar with The Daring Way.  Additionally, I completed a fellowship in child trauma through the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) and have advanced training in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.


I look forward to meeting you and seeing if I could be a good fit for your needs!


(unsolicited comments from former clients)

"Antonia is a very talented therapist who helped get me through some very hard times. Thanks to her my illnesses are currently in remission and it wouldn't have been possible without her."


"In just a little over a year, Antonia helped me get further along in therapy than I ever thought possible. My relationship with my family has improved and so has my relationship with myself- I have hope again."


"I was in a pretty dark place when I first came to therapy. DBT helped me learn skills to improve my life and Antonia was there for me every step of the way."


"Change 'I can't'

into 'I can"

and pretty soon

you will say

'I did'".

- Unknown

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